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Hello and welcome to ff10icons a place to post and share icons made from Final Fantasy X and it's direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. Please be sure to follow a few simple rules, and to have fun!

+)Do not post anything but icons. If you absolutely need to post a header or friends only banner, please use a link back to your own journal, or visit one of our affiliates. This inculdes inside and outside of an LJ-cut.
+)Please make sure anything above 3 icons stays below the LJ-cut. If you do not know how to make an LJ-cut, visit the Livejournal FAQ here.
+)Include teasers to your posted icons. Three would be nice just to get a general feel for what's being posted. Please do not post any more than three teaser icons.
+)Only Final Fantasy X/X-2 icons. Do not post icons from other games, movies, etc.
+)Only post icons that you created. Do not post the work of others.
+)Respect memebers and moderators. Do not bash or be generally cruel to anyone. If you do not have anything nice to say about the icons posted, click the little x at the top of your screen and don't comment at all.

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